GZR 750mg Neuro 100 Capsules

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Sick of searching for the perfect supplement? GZR totally gotcha covered with their must-have Neuro 100 Capsules – a totally boss combo of nootropic-goodness!

Experience recognition and memory support and neuron protection with GZR Neuro 100 Capsules 750mg! These capsules are the perfect aid for all your mental health needs. Get your brain firing on all cylinders with GZR Neuro!

  • 750mg nootropic combination
  • 100 caps per bottle

Dosage:  Take 3 capsules per day or 4 capsules. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Ingredients: Amount Per 3 Capsules – Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract – 900mg
, Alpha Lipoic Acid – 500mg, Co Q10 – 100mg, Trans Resveratrol – 280mg, Magnesium – 250mg, Piperine – 10mg, Vitamin B6 – 5mg, Vitamin B12 – 5mg, Vitamin B9 – 900mcg, Vitamin D3 – 30mcg

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